To begin the process of purchasing an eGallery TextAd please fill in the information below. When you are finished, you can preview your ad before making your purchase via PayPal. If you have any questions about eGallery TextAds or how to make a purchase, please review our list of frequently asked questions, and have a look at our examples. If you have questions about writing effective ads, check out our ad writing tips and suggestions.

Account Id:

Account Id is how you want us to know you – your Company Name: i.e. Carl's Rentals, Cosmic Pumpkins, Inc., or just your name, like Betty Bye.

Contact Name:

Contact Name is who you are – who do we contact at Account Id (above): John Doe, John Q. Public, Willie Doit.

Email Address:

Email Address is where we send email notices. It is used to keep in contact with you. It is never shown to the public, given out, or sold.


Confirm Password:

Password: must be between 4 and 10 characters. Make it something you will remember, but try to include at least one digit or capitalized letter, and one special character, like [ ! @ # $ % & * ].

Confirm Password: Enter your password again. Both entries must match.

TextAd Type:

TextAd Type refers to how your TextAd looks and works:

  • Webpage Link: A click on this opens your website in a new browser window
  • eMail Link: A click on this opens a form so the “clicker” can send a message to your selected email address
  • NoLink Message: Presents your information – heading and message – with no clickable link.
Click here for examples.

URL/eMail Address:

Link Description/Heading:

The URL/eMail Address field is for either the URL of your site (if Webpage Link was selected, above), or the selected eMail Address (if eMail Link was selected, above). It is not necessary for the NoLink Message selection.

Link Description or Heading is the text that contains the link – please limit yourself to 35 characters. It is required no matter which TextAd type you chose. It is the text the visitor will click on.

Ad Text:

Ad Text should conatin 75 characters or less. If you need help writing effective ads, check out our ad writing tips and suggestions. You can use simple HTML constructs, like Bold or Italics, but they do count toward the character total. Blinking text and/or graphics are not allowed.

Status line Message:

The Status line Message field is for the special text you want to appear at the bottom of the visitor's browser window when their mouse passes over the Heading text. (Note: older browsers may not support this feature).

Number of Impressions:

Each impression is one time your TextAd appears on one of the eGallery pages. Decide how many impressions you want to purchase (5000 minimum). You will receive email notification when you have 250 impressions left. TextAds are inexpensive. The cost for the minimum 5000 impressions is only $25.00.

TextAds are provided by The e.Lib