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In Fremont, Michigan, USA, today is Wednesday, September 28th, the 272nd day of 2016; there are 94 days left this year.   The e.Lib, Inc. News [World News]  World News  Israel's Shimon Peres, 93, dies in Tel Aviv: Israel Radio (Reuters) Canada beats Team Europe 3-1 in Game 1 of World Cup finals (Associated Press)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [US News]  US News  Police shoot, wound man in San Diego area; protesters gather (Associated Press) Mom subject of Amber Alert charged with killing her kids (11alive.com)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Business]  Business  Hit the road, headphone jack. USB wants your job (CNET) Asia stocks edge down on Europe bank woes, lower oil (Reuters)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Tech News]  Tech News  Cisco plans billion worth of expansion in Mexico: government (Reuters) Spotify’s new Daily Mix playlists will get better the more you listen to them (BGR News)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Science]  Science  Controversial 3-parent baby technique produces a boy (CNN) Billionaire Elon Musk outlines plans for humans to colonize Mars (Reuters)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Entertainment]  Entertainment  'The Voice': Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys Jump Onstage to Sing On Competitive Night (Billboard) Miss Universe strikes back (CNN)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Sports]  Sports  UFC champ Conor McGregor says he'll make 0 million in 2016, then mocks 'broke bum' Eddie Alvarez (MMAjunkie.com) 'Silence is betrayal': Serena Williams vows to speak out on racial injustice (Washington Post)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Health]  Health  Controversial 3-parent baby technique produces a boy (CNN) Reports of plastic prompt recall of Tyson chicken nuggets (Associated Press)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Miscellaneous]  Miscellaneous 
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