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In Fremont, Michigan, USA, today is Friday, December 13th, the 347th day of 2019; there are 18 days left this year.   The e.Lib, Inc. News [World News]  World News  Boris Johnson Wins Decisive Majority in Election That Upends Britain (Bloomberg) Path to a softer Brexit? UK PM's win gives him leeway (AFP)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [US News]  US News  Suspect in Planned Parenthood shooting to appear in court (Associated Press) New Mexico zoo cares for endangered Mexican gray wolves (Associated Press)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Business]  Business  Boris Johnson Wins Decisive Majority in Election That Upends Britain (Bloomberg) U.S.-China Deal Spurs Relief and More Questions for Farmers (Bloomberg)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Tech News]  Tech News  PHOTOS: Fluorescent turtle embryo wins forty-fifth annual Nikon Small World Competition (Yahoo News Photo Staff) 7 tax scams to watch out for this year (Yahoo Finance)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Science]  Science  Rocket Lab’s Virginia launch pad opens for business, with Air Force as first customer (GeekWire) It’s all systems go from NASA for uncrewed flight of Boeing’s Starliner to space station (GeekWire)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Entertainment]  Entertainment  Viola Davis’s message to white women: ‘Get to know me’ (Yahoo News) Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys’s husband, says hip-hop industry lacks compassion (Yahoo News Video)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Sports]  Sports  Live animal mascots: Cute or exploitative? (Yahoo News 360) Does U.S. women's soccer deserve equal pay? (Yahoo News 360)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Health]  Health  The Best Non-Scammy Work-From-Home Jobs (Woman's Day) 30+ Thanksgiving Appetizers to Kick Off the Feast (Woman's Day)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Miscellaneous]  Miscellaneous  Hong Kong police slip on banana peel with tear gas tweet (Associated Press) Gaetz brought up Hunter Biden's substance abuse issues at impeachment but it backfired (USA TODAY)
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