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In Fremont, Michigan, USA, today is Tuesday, February 9th, the 40th day of 2016; there are 326 days left this year.   The e.Lib, Inc. News [World News]  World News  The Latest: Death toll in German train crash up to 10 (Associated Press) The Latest: French central banker says volatility excessive (Associated Press)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [US News]  US News  Train crash in Germany kills at least 9, injures 150 (WPVI – Philadelphia) The Latest: Cop seeks acquittal in stairwell shooting case (Associated Press)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Business]  Business  Getting Married Is Not An Accomplishment (Huffington Post) Viacom CEO rails against 'naysayers' as sales miss estimates, shares tumble (Reuters)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Tech News]  Tech News  U.S. intelligence chief warns of 'homegrown' security threat (Reuters) The White House wants to give NASA 9 billion for the 2017 fiscal year (The Verge)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Science]  Science  Can a Safety Council Help Twitter's Abuse Problem? (PC Magazine) Gmail Now Warns Users When They Send And Receive Email Over Unsecured Connections (TechCrunch)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Entertainment]  Entertainment  Who Are the Real Hollywood Figures Behind 'Hail, Caesar!'? (Smithsonian) Fat Tuesday in New Orleans: Floats, masks, trinkets and more (Associated Press)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Sports]  Sports  Duke QB Thomas Sirk ruptures Achilles tendon, to have surgery (ESPN) Peyton Manning, Cam Newton head guys most affected by SB50 (NFL.com)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Health]  Health  Zika mosquitoes not guaranteed to lie low for Rio Olympics (Reuters) This lawyer was bombarded with texts from people trying to claim their free Chipotle burrito (Washington Post)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Miscellaneous]  Miscellaneous 
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