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In Fremont, Michigan, USA, today is Monday, August 31st, the 243rd day of 2015; there are 122 days left this year.   The e.Lib, Inc. News [World News]  World News  Japan nuclear power outlook bleak despite first reactor restart (Reuters) Ancient Syrian Temple of Bel Destroyed After Reports of ISIS Blast: UN (NBCNews.com)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [US News]  US News  Arizona police probe shootings along major interstate highway (Reuters) Chicago sues city's former red light camera company: newspaper (Reuters)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Business]  Business  Sale of buried Atari cartridges nets over 07,000 (Engadget) Oil prices drop more than 3 percent as investors take profits (Reuters)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Tech News]  Tech News  Sale of buried Atari cartridges nets over 07,000 (Engadget) Ancient scorpion of the sea is the granddaddy of arachnids (CNET)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Science]  Science  Apple's deal with Cisco will lay out a red carpet for critical iOS apps (PCWorld) Ex-Secret Service agent pleads guilty in Silk Road case; he pocketed 20000 ... (Los Angeles Times)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Entertainment]  Entertainment  Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Ashley I. Asks For a Fantasy Suite Date with Jared ... (People Magazine) Was Craven Wasn't Only a Horror Director: Remembering Music of the Heart (People Magazine)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Sports]  Sports  Kobe, Shaq bury hatchet over legendary feud (ABS CBN News) Easy Opener for Serena Williams as Opponent Quits (New York Times)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Health]  Health  Vitamin ZZZ? Sleep Could Fight Risk of Catching a Cold (Live Science) Impulsiveness Might Mean Higher Suicide Risk (Clapway)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Miscellaneous]  Miscellaneous 
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