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In Fremont, Michigan, USA, today is Thursday, September 3rd, the 246th day of 2015; there are 119 days left this year.   The e.Lib, Inc. News [World News]  World News  Two Vice News reporters released in south-east Turkey (Telegraph.co.uk) The Latest: Guatemalan president resigns in corruption probe (Associated Press)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [US News]  US News  Tickets now required to get within 5 blocks of pope's Mass (Associated Press) Another Gay Couple Denied Marriage License by Kentucky Clerk (WPVI – Philadelphia)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Business]  Business  Eyeing An Ambarella Trade (Forbes) Joy Global Plummets After Cutting 2015 Forecasts on Miner Demand (Bloomberg)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Tech News]  Tech News  Leaked photos of fully assembled iPhone 6s confirm one of the worst things about it (BGR News) The latest Nook is based on Samsung's Galaxy Tab S2 (Engadget)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Science]  Science  T-Mobile US attacks Verizon (RCR Wireless News) Ready to Waste Your Day? Google 'Fun Facts' (NBCNews.com)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Entertainment]  Entertainment  Broadway season features Jennifer Hudson and Bruce Willis (Associated Press) Justin Bieber appears to give hidden shout out to Selena Gomez in 'What Do You ... (New York Daily News)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Sports]  Sports  Redskins GM's wife apologizes for tweet about reporter (STLtoday.com) Federal judge overturns Patriots QB Tom Brady's Deflategate suspension (USA TODAY)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Health]  Health  Fish oil supplements known as Omega-3 may not reduce mental decline, new study ... (Statesman Tribune) Midlife Weight Gain Could Affect Risk Of Alzheimer's (Tech Times)  The e.Lib, Inc. News [Miscellaneous]  Miscellaneous 
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